Giant Flowering Tea Bulbs - Marigold basket

The care and attention that has gone into making each of these giant flowering tea bulbs is evident, and watching them unfurl and release their flavour and aroma's really is a feast for all the senses.

Adding a little theatre to your day, Choi Time's giant flowering tea bulbs really are the ultimate tea experience, and if their beauty and subtlety of flavours wasn't enough, they aid digestion, strengthen the immune system, reduce the signs of aging, lower cholesterol and brighten the skin.

Marigold Basket - These flowering tea bulbs have been woven with marigold, jasmine and globe amaranth flowers to produce a tea that is both deep and delicate at the same time.

Health Benefits - Marigolds are known to aid in improving digestion, beautifying the face and prolonging life.

choose from the following options for your giant flowering tea bulbs

Elegant Glass Canisters (68g) £19.90

Packet Bag (15 bulbs) £16.00 

Packet Bag (9 bulbs) £13.00

Packet (6 bulbs) £9.00

Taster Packet (3 bulbs) £6.00

Single Sachet £2.00

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