Traditional Drinking Mug

Traditional Chinese Drinking Mug (400mls) - These traditional Chinese drinking glasses have been developed specifically for the Choi Time range of teas and are wonderfully easy to use, dishwasher proof and elegant.  Simply remove the lid and pour hot water into the glass, place your loose tea, tea bulbs, tea flowers or pearls into the filter and put it into the glass until your tea has brewed.  When you're ready for the next cup, simply pop the filter back in and allow it to infuse in freshly poured hot water.Our customers love these glasses for their ease of use:

"...I love this glass, it has been my saviour, I love how I can just take the filter out and have my tea without the bits. Then when I want my next top up I just pop the filter back into my glass and top up with hot water. It's great; I have at least 10 cups a day with my exotic mixed flowers!" Miranda, N5

*Please note that these glasses do not come engraved with the Choi Time logo and the packaging is not desirable. 


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