A passion for green tea, inspired by family.

Choi Time was born for a number of reasons back in 2004; the main reason however was my passion for green tea and the health benefits it provides. Having grown up around my Chinese grandmother, some of my earliest and fondest memories are of drinking tea with her, of listening to her tell me how good it was for me; she was right, and while there are a number of studies that prove the many health benefits of green tea, I never needed convincing; just looking at my grandmother, healthy and radiant at 75 was proof enough for me. I had been extolling to virtues of Chinese green tea to all of my friends for years, and founding Choi Time was the perfect opportunity for me to spread the word further while honouring my heritage, something for which I am grateful every day. The range of green teas I carry is small, but perfectly formed; with Jasmine green teas, loose leaf teas, bud teas and flowering teas all sourced carefully to ensure they meet the following criteria; they must be authentic, they must be unique, and they must be delicious. The world seems to be listening as my teas win awards year after year, allowing me to continue to explore this passion of mine. As much as I appreciate the health benefits of green tea, one of the most enchanting things about it for me is the ritual. It's such a calming process; the pause I have to take in my day to heat the water, choose my tea, watch the leaves release their flavour, or the buds unfurl is a moment I cherish, and thanks to my grandmothers advice, one I experience five times a day. Feel free to take a look around this 'tea temple' of mine; you'll find teas to suit every mood and please every palate, and if you have any questions, let me know; I'll be over here having a cup of tea
Choi Time Teas